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Catering is our core competence

We’re passionate about what we do. We believe we have a lot to be proud of when it comes to our in-house creations and our versatility. Nobody’s perfect of course – and sometimes, even for us things don’t quite go to plan. And these are exactly the moments when we pull together as a team and put things right.

We love what we do. Openness and appreciation are extremely important to us, both within the team and towards our guests. We want you to feel at home with us when you take time to enjoy one of the many newspapers we have on offer and order yourself something to eat or drink. We're true coffee lovers and passionate baristas, by the way. The only coffee we serve consists exclusively of organic, fair-trade beans.

Mill'Feuille Gäste

one team

perfectly tuned



Would you like to help shape the future of the Mill’Feuille restaurant and become part of our team? Our vacancies are published on the job platform operated by our service partner Schatz AG:

Mill'Feuille Fenster



Friends + Partners

Schweizer Bio-Haferdrink Gutsch

We've got it! A licence to serve the oat drink from Gutsch. As a cooperative member, we help to promote the milk alternative made from organically grown oats, organic sunflower oil, salt and water. All ingredients from Switzerland.

Bier Brauerei Schluckspecht

There are so many great beers in the area, but we had to choose one, and we went for Schluckspecht. Johannes produces a few lesser-known beer types in his local brewery according to the motto «quality before quantity».

Coffea Kaffee

Good coffee comes from a first-class coffee machine with built-in grinder – together with an expert team and the best coffee beans from Switzerland’s oldest coffee roaster Coffea, which supplies us with its premium organic Fairtrade beans.

Fisch Fischzucht Bremgarten

Gravel, pure spring water, organic feed and a smaller number of fish per cubic metre than the Bio Suisse maximum – the natural and sustainable methods employed by the Bremgarten fish farm mean we can offer our guests delicious and ethically sourced trout fillets.


Cheese// Corinna & Peter Kaufmann Lucerne Market

Corinna and Peter really know their stuff when it comes to cheese. The two bring their aged cheeses to Lucerne’s market from their farm in Luthern Bad. While it’s definitely worth queueing up at their stall, our bulk orders mean we get to jump the queue for you.


Heinz Kunz from Fläsch has been personally supplying his wines for our «cellar» ever since the Mill’Feuille opened. In 2020, Heinz Junior and his partner Daniela brought the winery into the latest generation with a passionate approach that included a conversion to organic methods.

Holzen Fleisch

Stefan Mathis has his butcher’s shop on the southern slope of the Bürgenstock. His team slaughters the ethically bred Angus cattle, Mangalica and fallow deer themselves and have always made sure to process the whole animal, long before «nose to tail» was in vogue.

Voka Hanz Spirituose

Switzerland may be better known for its schnapps, but the country can also produce a good vodka. It’s called Hanz, and is produced by hand by two friends from Bern – and with its pure, original taste comes highly recommend for anyone who's fond of a shot or two.

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